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Parkeeksha – Does it pass the test?

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Director: Prakash Jha | Language: Hindi | Genre: Drama | Certificate: UA

Lead Cast: Adil Hussain | Priyanka Bose and Sanjay Suri

Plot Summary: The movie is about a rickshaw puller of Bihar, whose only dream is to give his talented son the best education and future.

Buchi Paswan (Adil Hussain) is a rickshaw puller who ferries children to the renowned Sapphire International, while his wife (Priyanka) – is a factory labourer. They work hard to make ends meet and to provide education to their only son. Buchi understands the value of good education and that his son’s chances of a successful career are limited given his current government schooling, and he dares to dream of sending his son to Sapphire International, where he ferries other elite children daily.

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Buchchi’s dream sees a ray of hope when he finds a wallet loaded with money in his rickshaw. He gets the uniform, begs the management and gets his son admitted to Sapphire, not realising that it was going to be an ever-demanding cycle. In sheer desperation to arrange for money, he takes to petty crime.

The cameo and character of Sanjay Suri, inspired by the real-life IPS officer Abhayanand Singh lends the film a slightly new dimension.

Pareeksha is not just about the Indian education system but more about the class divide of our society. It dwells upon the socio-economic hurdles that prevent the less-privileged section of our population from realizing its true potential.

The film is released at a time when the government has recently announced milestone changes in our education system. Will the new system allow a fair playing field to the students of all strata? Moreover, due to the Covid-19 pandemic schools are going online. Will the economically weaker strata survive in this new normal? Let’s hope for the best.

The narrative of poor education facilities and classdivide is not newto us at all. However,with Adil and Priyanka's stellar performances and the honest writing, it's a still a must watch!

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